This year marks the 25th consecutive Mid-America’s Lender’s Conference. This 2019 conference is being hosted in Corpus Christi by CTAGGL.

2019Corpus Christi, TX
2018Ft. Worth, TX
2017Austin, TX
2016Houston, TX
2015Dallas, TX
2014San Antonio, TX
2013Oklahoma City, OK
2012Houston, TX
2011Fort Worth, TX
2010New Orleans, LA
2009Houston, TX
2008San Antonio, TX
2007Little Rock, AR
2006Dallas, TX
2005Houston, TX
2004Dallas, TX
2003Austin, TX
2002Albuquerque, NM
2001Corpus Christi, TX
2000New Orleans, LA
1999Little Rock, AR
1998Dallas, TX
1997Oklahoma City, OK
1996San Antonio, TX (First Region VI MALC)
1995Houston (State of Texas only)